E-Business ERP Systems offers customized packages for large scale corporations based on company needs. Listed below is information regarding the procedures we undertake to ensure Client Satisfaction for Corporate Organizations.


Use our Online Registration Form to Register your organisations interest in our ERP system software.


Step 2 :

Meeting for Non-Disclosure Agreement Signup

Step 3: 

Organizational Study

Depending on the size of your organization, our Team will spend a certain amount of time understanding your organizations processes to ensure our ERP software works well with your day to day operations.

Step 4 :

Price & Proposal

Based on the Organizational Study carried out by our Team, we will present a customized package that suits your business operations and budget.

Step 5: 

Agreement Signup

 Once our proposal has been approved by your company, we will then require issue an agreement for signup.

Step 6: 

Start provisioning ERP platform for enterprises

Step 7: 

Business Mapping and customization.



This process involves deploying the final customized ERP software within your organization and ready for daily use by your employees.


Final phase of the deployment process involves the training of your staff to use the new ERP software to ensure they understand the new system thoroughly