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Our User Friendly Interface and highly customizable design, E-Business ERP Systems compatible with various Industries. You can use any devices to do your invoicing! Use your smart phone to control your business and get realtime data backed up at our secured data centers around the globe. International business is our passion and we have automated signing process where you can start using your business software within 24 – 48 hours!  Let us grow your business!

ERP SYSTEM / Vat Monitoring System DEMO

This video provides a detailed walk-through of our ERP’s Sales Module which is fully integrated with Vat Monitoring System (VMS) and other needed modules for the business. Be anywhere in the world and you can even use your mobile phone to generate fiscalized invoices and manage your business. Our system is user friendly, fast and robust!. We have a robust Point fo Sale for cash sales type business. Contact us so we can send you a POS demo link!. Our backend database is Oracle and you will receive enterprise grade reliability in our ERP system. We are the First in Fiji who have responsive software that can do VMS as easily and fastest as possible! Contact the business process expert on 9223300 to get going or simply register online!

Sign up online and get provisioned in 24-48 hours! 

Steps to get VMS at your office:

Step 1: Register  by clicking here :

Step2: Wait for confirmation email.

Step3: Collect your smart card

Step4: Login to

 Ensure your smart card is inserted in a smart card reader. You dont need to buy smart card readers. For our clients we can assist and since we use Pfx files instead of smart cards. We can from your control panel request addition certificates which we will use to communicate to FRCS vms system. We are able to do this service for you. 


Fully Responsive

View your data or create invoices using any device.


E-Business Erp Systems are fully customizable based on client and industry needs


Get to know more about our sign up procedures for Enterprise plans and register your interest with us.

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